Doxly Launches New Features Including Deal Insights, Digital Closing Books

Doxly, legal transaction management platform, today announces a suite of amplified features to its product, including deal analytics and insights and digital closing books.
With Doxly’s insights feature, law firms have the ability to track current and archived deals to make intelligent decisions for staffing, enhance business development efforts and maintain a complete record of transactions for audit and insurance purposes. Benefits include:
Deal trend reports: deep analytics on archived and current deals to pinpoint trends, key terms and unique provisions
Competitive differentiators: enhance RFPs and business development with accurate and accessible firm performance metrics
Audit trails: maintain a complete record of all transactions for audit and insurance purposes
Intelligent practice management: gain insight into how deals are staffed and understand and manage attorneys’ bandwidth
“We created the analytics for practice leadership to gain insight and pinpoint trends on deals so they can more easily target inefficiencies and show value to clients,” said Moses Dwaram, VP of engineering at Doxly. “By enhancing our existing platform with intuitive features, we are creating a robust and powerful platform for attorneys to efficiently manage transactions.”
In addition to insights, Doxly’s update will take closing books from analog to digital. Closing books are traditionally hundreds of pages, and put together by hand. As Doxly makes the practice digital, attorneys need only a few clicks of the mouse to compile all documents into one exhaustive closing book. Transitioning closing books to digital form also turns them into archivable, searchable records, giving attorneys a digital audit trail.
“Doxly was born out of creating efficiencies for attorneys,” said Doxly CEO, Haley Altman. “The closing book process is notoriously tedious and time-consuming and needed to be digitized. Now, we can provide our customers with a streamlined experience that allows for the closing books process to be assembled in just a few clicks, while helping to make the entire legal transaction process more efficient.”
Doxly is also adding notification features and improved collaborator management. Attorneys can now set deadlines for their teams and create personal reminders for tasks and documents to review bringing a whole new level of project management to the deal process. Additional metrics and views have been added at the opposing counsel and client levels to aid in the management of the deal process.
This announcement follows Doxly’s $2.2M seed funding from leading legal and software investors in September. To learn more about Doxly visit