iManage Announces Availability of iManage Control Center

iManage just announced the availability of iManage Control Center, a new administration and monitoring module that simplifies the deployment and ongoing management of iManage environments.
Through its web-based toolset, iManage Control Center makes it easier for help desk staff and system administrators to administer the iManage Work user base and information at any time, from any device — allowing them to be more responsive to their users’ needs.
“As we’ve evolved iManage Work, one of our goals has been to strengthen the core,” said Shawn Misquitta, iManage’s senior director of product management. “iManage Control Center is a direct outgrowth of this approach. Customers told us that as their work product management systems gained higher adoption, the volume of data and complexity of managing the application was increasing. We are responding with a sophisticated toolset that lays the foundation for advanced work product management while addressing cost, flexibility and security. It’s one more way iManage is doing more than just listening to customers — it’s delivering for them.”
iManage Control Center is compatible with iManage Work 9.4 and higher, and works with either on-premises implementation or in the iManage Cloud.
Key features of iManage Control Center include:
• Role-Based Administration. Help desk tasks in today’s global workplace are distributed across time zones and often outsourced. iManage Control Center offers the ability to tier administrators — ensuring help desk personnel, contractors and power users only receive as much administration privilege as they need. This Tier-Based Administration reduces risk while delegating tasks to appropriate support staff.
• User, Group and Metadata Management. Administrators can now perform key management functions — such as unlocking a user or adding a piece of metadata to a file— directly from their device, thanks to iManage Control Center’s web-based console. Previously, administrators needed access to the actual physical server to perform these tasks. Web-based access speeds up completion of these tasks while enhancing security by reducing access to the physical server.
• Flexible Folders. Firms have long sought to balance the need for an engagement structure with the need to not overwhelm users with too many folder choices. The Flexible Folders feature provides users flexibility in creating folders while maintaining the firm’s defined structure. Simpler folder structure increases proper filing.
“As new users of iManage Work, we’re excited to implement iManage Control Center,” said Robert Guilbert, Senior Manager, Information Working Practices & Project Management at Winston & Strawn LLP, a global law firm with more than 850 attorneys. “We’ve been working with iManage for several months providing feedback on product features and direction. We’re particularly looking forward to Tier-Based Administration as a valuable addition to the toolset that will make security of our environment even stronger.”