Moray & Agnew becomes early adopter of Aderant Expert Case Management

National Australian firm Moray & Agnew has become one of the early adopters of Aderant’s Expert Case Management solution, which was formally released in November, having been introduced at the Momentum conference in Melbourne earlier this year.
Moray & Agnew is already an Aderant Expert customer but having tried two other case management systems over the last few years, had suffered the perennial problems of replication of data between disparate systems, as well as reporting complications arising from using separate systems.
Executive manager Jon Short said: “We already use Aderant Expert and are happy with the ease of supporting it. Having seen the progression of Case Management from the early concepts a few years ago, up to the live demonstration recently, it was a bit of a no-brainer really.”
Expert Case Management’s fully configurable system is designed to reduce the amount of time, effort and resources fee earners spend on their multiple cases. Having everything on Aderant’s standardised application technology will allow Moray & Agnew users across their six offices to collaborate on matters more easily and in real time. “The fact that it has been built from the ground up, using extensive input from existing firms using case management globally, and is built on the latest Microsoft platforms means it ticks all of the boxes for us,” said Short.
“For modern firms it’s all about analytics and matter management,” said Chris Cartrett, Aderant’s senior vice president of strategy and growth. “Moray & Agnew recognises the need for a more agile culture within their organisation, and we at Aderant are excited to partner with them.”