Pro Bono: LawWorks rolls out Visualfiles

England and Wales pro bono legal advice charity LawWorks has deployed Lexis Visualfiles for free across its casework programmes, as part of LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions’ own pro bono activity.
LawWorks is now using Visualfiles as its central repository of all cases and matters, automating case management business processes to facilitate efficient administration and delivery of their pro bono legal advice services. 
“The profile of pro bono has rarely been higher, and the contribution of the legal profession in dedicating time, expertise and commitment possibly never greater. At a time of increasing demand for legal advice, LawWorks has been exploring ways to improve internal systems to make more efficient use of resources and ultimately increase capacity to support individuals and not-for-profit organisations,” said David Raeburn (pictured), director of programmes at LawWorks.
“We recognised that a robust technology platform was critical to this. Visualfiles helped us to do this. We are delighted that LexisNexis has chosen to support our cause, not only by supplying and deploying the technology, but also committing to help us develop, deploy and maintain the system for the long term.”
LawWorks has integrated Visualfiles with its customer relationship management system to ensure accuracy of all client data. The solution has also enabled the organisation to automate case-related document management processes, reducing the time spent on administration.