Lawyer-led design released by Workshare

The product team at Workshare are pleased to announce the release of a new interface for the Deal Checklists application, led by feedback received from legal teams using the system.
The design of the new interface replicates more closely the traditional paper checklists used by lawyers, and brings to the fore recent improvements to functionality.
Product Manager, Owen Oliver, has close experience with transactional law, joining Workshare after several years as a corporate lawyer. He explained the reasons behind the changes: “The general feedback we were receiving from law firms was that the solution was great, but that the principal checklist screen could be enhanced by bringing it more in line with traditional checklists. This made complete sense to us, and the work we’ve done has made the solution more familiar and easier to scan and navigate.”
Recent improvements to the platform functionality help transactional lawyers quickly understand the status of their deal through status labels, and set document-level access restrictions to control who can view certain sections of the online checklist.
“We are constantly looking at how Workshare Deal Checklists can reduce the administration time spent on transactions and add value to the process. We also want to make sure we continue evolving the solution based on client feedback” concluded Owen.
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