Harris County Attorney’s Office Implements LawBase

LawBase, the leading case and matter management system designed to increase productivity, today announces the Harris County Attorney’s Office has implemented LawBase.
The Harris County attorney is the civil lawyer for Harris County and represents the county, all its related departments and their employees on civil matters that pertain to county business. This office also represents other districts in civil matters like the Harris County Flood Control District, Harris County Hospital District and the Harris County Appraisal Review Board. Harris County is the most populous county in Texas and the third-most populous county in the United States.
“We are honored and excited to be implemented in the Harris County Attorney’s Office,” says Phil Homburger, president of LawBase. “LawBase delivers increased functionality and efficiency to case and matter management and is a great fit for this office. We look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure they have everything they need.”
LawBase is a powerful and configurable case management solution. Strengths of LawBase include its wide array of integrations with other popular legal software to maximize the return on investment for users. With LawBase, law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies can track a file’s progress, maintain client files within various areas of the law, keep complete calendars and schedules, maintain file room management and perform large repetitive tasks with just a few keystrokes, saving time and money.
For more information, visit http://www.lawbase.com.