Salladore Announces Advanced, Two-Tier Analytics to Help Attorneys Make Data-Driven Decisions about Caseload Assignments and More

Salladore announces the availability of two-tiered advanced analytics in its workflow technology to give law firms and legal departments access to actionable, real-time business intelligence at the individual attorney level for partners and senior attorneys and at the practice group, department and office level for management and general counsel.
At the individual attorney level, partners and senior-level attorneys will have access to advanced analytics to track individual associate performance using objective data including:
• Rate of assignments turned in on time, early and late
• Rate of assignments acceptable on time, and those needing to be sent back for revisions
• Response time to communications from partners, other associates and clients
• Hours billed for each assignment type compared to the average associate
• Workload in terms of how many expected billable hours committed versus uncommitted
• Turnaround time, including how quickly associates complete different types of assignments compared to the median associate.
Partners and senior-level attorneys will be able to: flag problem trends immediately without waiting for an annual performance review; intervene before problems affect the firm’s relationship with a client; provide documentation of problems and offer targets for improvement; and have access to objective data to support human resources decisions.
At the practice group, department or office level, Salladore’s advanced analytics compiles in real time ongoing performance data for each business unit at the law firm or legal department. Using Salladore, managers will be able to:
• See how close to capacity each unit is operating
• Aggregate individual performance data for unit-to-unit comparisons
• Discover best practices by looking at top-performing units
• Set consistent firm-wide performance targets
With Salladore, managers will have a feedback loop to consistently evaluate policy changes, experiment with policy changes unit by unit, monitor how policy changes unfold and disseminate successful policies firm-wide and abolish unsuccessful ones before they harm the firm.
Salladore workflow technology helps attorneys at law firms and in legal departments:
• Check availability – View attorney workloads in real time to see who is busy, who needs work and who has time to meet a deadline.
• Discover attorneys – Filter by seniority, relevant experience, language skills and more to find the right attorney for an assignment.
• Assign tasks – Allocate work directly through the system and receive alerts whenever the associate sees a task or has a question.
• Manage follow-up – Track assigned work, check for deadlines and communicate about the project with other attorneys.
“The many features of Salladore were designed to fill a hole in the practice of law: efficiently finding the right attorney to work on a case,” says Adam McDonell, founder and president of Salladore and a former practicing attorney. “This new level of two-tiered analytics is unprecedented in software for attorneys, in that it presents real-time data that anyone in a law firm or corporate legal department can use immediately to make a business decision.”
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