Prévost Fortin D’Aoust Selects iManage For Work Product Management

Leading Canadian law firm Prévost Fortin D’Aoust (PFD) — a progressive law firm with a team of over 45 lawyers, and locations throughout Quebec — has selected iManage Work and iManage Share to deploy on-premises throughout its five offices. This is the first time in the firm’s history that it has implemented a solution for Work Product Management.
With iManage Work, the firm will gain a way to manage and access all documents, emails, and other communications in unified, matter-centric workspaces. iManage Share extends these capabilities by letting users easily and securely share their work product to collaborate with clients, service providers and other outside parties.
Initially, PFD is using iManage Share for secure client collaboration, with the potential to use it in the future for court filings, as the shift towards paperless environments reaches the courts.
“The point of making an investment in a system like iManage isn’t just to improve the way we do things today —it is also to get ready for the future,” said Claude Le Bourdais, general manager at PFD. “There will come a time when the courts will expect a paperless matter. While it might not be a requirement at this moment, when it does become a requirement, we will be well prepared to handle it because of the capabilities that iManage Work and iManage Share give us.”
In addition to better collaboration, the firm is standardizing the way that documents and emails are filed and saved within the firm. iManage Work will give PFD a consistent folder structure across offices and across matters —something it has not had before. The firm expects that this new capability will save time and enhance productivity by making it easier to search and find critical documents and communications.
iManage partner Tikit had been engaged with PFD from the onset of their project and is assisting them with their implementation of iManage Work and iManage Share. PFD was particularly pleased that Tikit had operations in Quebec and could speak French, the native language of most of PFD’s employees, giving PFD confidence that the implementation and rollout would be a smooth process. The deployment is currently expected to go live in Q1 2017.
“The ability to have a single view into all project-related communications and content — and the ability to securely share it with internal and external collaborators — is a key requirement for today’s new professionals,” said Shawn Misquitta, iManage’s senior director of product management. “iManage Work and iManage Share are market leading products for a reason. They will let PFD view relevant work product in context, rapidly create and revise documents, and collaborate with colleagues and clients—all within a single, matter-centric workspace that’s securely accessible from anywhere, on any device. That’s Work Product Management for the modern business.”