Webinar: Ensure the health of your Enterprise Applications with RAVN Manage – 17 January

Date: Tuesday 17th January 2017
Time: 16.00 – 16.45 GMT
RAVN Manage is a unique tool that robotically monitors and manages an organisation’s enterprise software applications, especially around Search, Document Management and Database driven systems. It acts as an assistant to systems administrators and exposes hidden problems that would be very difficult to spot with purely manual efforts.
On this webinar learn how your organisation can:
Monitor your DMS, Search, SharePoint infrastructure, in addition to any generic application in the IT environment, at a depth required to be assured of optimal application performance
Stay alerted when limits are exceeded based on your specific criteria
Eliminate problems allowing your organisation to be more efficient in managing your critical applications
Exploit a robotic assistant to monitor log files and other components of complex IT systems that are simply too large to be realistically monitored and maintained manually
Benefits of RAVN Manage:
Gives you a deep level of understanding of the architecture of your application environment
Deploy less of your IT staff to check your applications for errors so they can be used in other areas to increase productivity
Provide your IT team with instant awareness of your applications and help them maintain Service Level Agreements with their business and protect not only the reputation of the department but the organisation as a whole.
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