Paper Software Adds Features to Contract Tools to Make Contract Review and Analysis Even Simpler

Paper Software, developers of powerful applications for creating and analyzing contracts on Mac and PC, today announces updates to Contract Tools that make finding important information within contracts simpler than ever before.
Contract Tools now highlights important information right within the document view that users are accustomed to seeing in Word. Users can now see potential contract drafting problems at a glance. Text that you can use for navigation (a Contract Tools-exclusive feature since its release last year) becomes highlighted with a click. When users employ Contract Tools’ enhanced search features, search results are immediately highlighted.
“We understand that when it comes to contracts, being able to see important information at a glance is essential, but it’s also essential to execute this in a way that’s totally unobtrusive,” says Benjamin Whetsell, co-founder of Paper Software. “Most Word add-ins that highlight text in your document edit your document, disable essential Word features, or both. We made no such compromises. When Contract Tools highlights information in your document, it leaves everything else alone, so you don’t need to change your working habits in any way.”
Contract Tools offers a streamlined way to bring automatic proofreading, AI-powered document analysis, simple navigation tools, powerful search features, intuitive editing tools, and much more to contract creation and analysis.
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