Finn Dixon Selects iManage Cloud for Work Product Management

iManage today announced that Finn Dixon & Herling LLP (Finn Dixon) — a firm of over 50 attorneys headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut — has selected iManage Cloud for its Work Product Management needs including document and email management and collaboration. iManage Cloud delivers rapid implementation, industry leading functionality, integration with key professional tools, full functionality when connected and not, and optimized performance when working with large documents — all with the agility and economic advantages of cloud solutions.
Finn Dixon is starting with 85 users on iManage Cloud, including attorneys and support staff. Right away, the firm expects to significantly reduce the amount of time spent looking for important documents and files, boosting overall productivity and efficiency. Finn Dixon is also implementing iManage Share which will enable Finn Dixon to easily and securely share those files with external parties from within a single platform — further streamlining workflow, and allowing users to focus on higher value activities.
Several factors drove Finn Dixon to select iManage Cloud. More than providing an opportunity to improve upon its existing document management system, the firm saw iManage Cloud as a way to attract and retain top talent.
“We draw a lot of our attorneys from the larger firms in New York City,” explained Richard Kohlberger, Partner with Finn Dixon. “A number of them were used to working with systems like iManage that provide matter-centric organization and very robust searching features. Switching to iManage Cloud was a way for us to give them the tools they need in order to work the way they like to work.”
iManage partner Younts Consulting is assisting Finn Dixon with the migration from their current system to iManage Cloud, bringing in-depth experience and expert guidance to all aspects of the project — from the initial conversion, through a successful pilot phase.