‘ShareSafe’, from Logikcull, arms businesses in critical fight against data breach and cybercrime

Legal IT Newswire: ‘ShareSafe’, from Logikcull, arms businesses in critical fight against data breach and cybercrime

Instant-sharing feature represents evolutionary leap in legal tech security

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (January 24, 2017) In a move that will go far in strengthening organizations’ ability to protect sensitive data from the rising tides of data breach and cybercrime, Logikcull, the leading provider of cloud-based Legal Intelligence solutions, has introduced an instant-sharing feature that provides critical safeguards around the most vulnerable business information.

“ShareSafe,” as it is called, fundamentally transforms how information is exchanged in the context of litigation, investigations and other legal disputes. Where data is typically shared between parties by physical media (DVDs, thumb drives, etc.) through the mail, email or FTP, ShareSafe allows parties to provide instant access to materials via a secure, permissions-based download within the Logikcull.com platform.

ShareSafe reduces the time it takes to send and receive data from days to seconds. But perhaps more importantly, it closes a gaping security gap that few organizations have yet to address.

Cybersecurity experts have a favorite expression: data is most vulnerable when it is in motion. In the context of legal disputes and regulatory responses, information must be made accessible to many parties, and is typically shared through insecure means. It is here, when the data is in transit, that it is most susceptible to loss or theft.

In Logikcull, organizations have access to a cloud-based Legal Intelligence platform that is accessible 24/7, but only to those who are given certain permissions. Within the secure platform, users can automatically process, analyze, review and share information at any time, anywhere from any device.

With ShareSafe, “requesting” parties, or recipients of information that has been processed, reviewed and deemed fit for production, can access those files instantly in Logikcull.com via a secure link shared by the producing party. Senders of information can set the link to expire, and are also notified when the recipient has accessed the shared information — creating an important audit log.

“ShareSafe is the final piece of a closed-loop system, where all channels into and out of Logikcull’s cloud-based Legal Intelligence platform are secured and all data is encrypted in motion and at rest,” Logikcull CEO Andy Wilson explained. “We’re excited to equip our customers with a critical safeguard at a time when data security is more important than ever.”

To learn more about ShareSafe, visit logikcull.com/trust or request a free consultation.

About Logikcull

Based in San Francisco, Logikcull is the leading provider of legal intelligence software. It is the only pure cloud-based solution for collaborative searching and sharing of information in litigation, investigations, due diligence, and M&A, and has become known for its powerfully simple platform that can be used by anyone anywhere at any time. Its customers include K&L Gates, Salesforce and the City of New York. 

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