Zapproved Releases 2017 Inhouse Ediscovery Data Processing Benchmark Report + Webinar

Report reveals the e-discovery concerns of corporate legal departments and where they’re investing to prepare for the future

Zapproved Inc today published the 2017 In-House E-Discovery Data Processing Benchmark Report, which will also be discussed in depth during the Trends in Corporate E-Discovery webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017. The results reveal the level of satisfaction and preferences of in-house e-discovery professionals, IT personnel, and legal operations staff regarding the speed, cost, ease-of-use, security and risk associated with their e-discovery data processing. These attributes were correlated with business criteria, such as case types, matter sizes, data sources and future trends, to produce insights.

The study was a short “flash survey” of 17 questions, conducted online in November and December 2016. Participants include a diverse mix of 104 e-discovery professionals.

The 2017 In-House E-Discovery Data Processing Benchmark Report summarizes those findings. Results shed light on current sentiment in four key areas:

1. While today respondents indicated that the most common data collection sources are network storage, Outlook® and PCs, looking ahead they anticipate Microsoft® Office 365® and mobile devices (Android and iOS) being the dominant sources.

2. 2017 will mark a shift to spending significantly more on in-house storage and processing and much less on outside services.
3. When choosing to bring work in-house, cost predictability and information control are the top reasons.

4. Contracts, labor and employment, and internal investigations are most common types of matters handled internally, while cases such as class actions and specialized IP matters, are handled through outside vendors or law firms.

“Corporate legal teams are clearly investing in processing and review technology to bring more matters in house. They are preparing for collection from cloud and mobile sources as more organizations must preserve data from these emerging technologies for the future,” commented Brad Harris, Vice President of Product Strategy.
Download the complete report: 2017 In-House E-Discovery Data Processing Benchmark Report

Learn more at the webinar: E-Discovery Trends Benchmark Survey Insights Revealed on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017 at 10 a.m. PST.

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