Salladore Announces Availability of New Action Center

Salladore, the attorney allocation solution for larger law firms and corporate legal departments, announces the availability of its Action Center, a unique tool that draws data from across a firm’s entire IT ecosystem and organizes it for a partner’s day-to-day assignment and follow-up workflow. Partners using Salladore will no longer need to learn how to hunt for relevant data one program at a time to make the most of a law firm’s IT. Instead, Salladore finds only the pertinent data and presents it in context so that partners can make informed decisions fluidly.
Salladore’s Action Center and custom dashboards are tailored individually to each law firm’s priorities, both to make the most of their existing IT ecosystem and to future-proof for subsequent software investments. Wherever their data comes from, users can access it though Salladore’s interface, designed by attorneys for attorneys and adapted to real attorneys’ workflow.
Salladore integrates with any software that generates data relevant to partners’ day-to-day workflow and then displays that platform’s information in the Action Center, including:
• Document Management
• Matter Management
• Project Management
• Calendars
• Meeting Schedulers
• Timekeeping/Billing
• Analytics
“Salladore is at the forefront of legal IT integration with our new Action Center,” says Adam McDonell, founder and president of Salladore and a former practicing attorney. “This new feature is unlike any other available today in that it not only performs the functionality that it was originally designed to do – help attorneys efficiently find the right junior attorney to work on a case – but it also aggregates information from multiple platforms for analysis and action.”
Salladore will be on display in booth 1517 at Legaltech in New York City this Tuesday, January 31, through Thursday, February 2.
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