Casepoint announces CaseAssist, the first AI case evaluation system for ediscovery

Casepoint just announced the launch of CaseAssist, what is claimed to be the first artificial intelligence ediscovery case evaluation system available for all clients on all matters hosted in Casepoint, at no additional cost.
CaseAssist enables case teams working on traditional ediscovery matters and internal investigations to leverage powerful artificial intelligence and data mining. CaseAssist proactively identifies and alerts case teams of potential hot documents, helpful search terms, important dates, and likely “junk” documents.
A full-strength review platform
Pre-installed artificial intelligence
Cloud analytics and collections
First class data processing.
Once a user begins reviewing documents identified by CaseAssist, the system’s artificial intelligence and data mining algorithms continuously reinforce a virtuous feedback loop by presenting more documents and emails that are automatically identified as potentially relevant to the litigation or investigation.