Neota Logic selected by Baker Donelson

Neota Logic, a provider of a expert system software platform for the automation of expertise and business processes, just announced they have been selected by law firm Baker Donelson, to develop an automated solution that will match entrepreneurs with the right investor within minutes.
By combining significant, practical business formation and investor relations legal expertise with the intelligent use of technology, the Legal Accelerator App will be an essential self-service tool for small business start-ups. Built on the Neota Logic platform, this online product will guide Entrepreneurs through the creation of their company, customize industry-specific business documents, and deliver fact-driven investor relations advice. Key features include real-time advice and collaboration with a legal team along with an arsenal of business documents. With 24/7 access, Entrepreneurs leverage the Legal Accelerator App’s expert guidance to create start-ups poised to court the right investors at a fraction of the time and cost.
Meredith Williams-Range, Baker Donelson’s Chief Knowledge Management Officer, explains “Innovative delivery of legal services is an area Baker Donelson constantly evaluates. Neota Logic allows us the opportunity to create client connections in a new way using unique technology. The expert system workflow and analysis provided by Neota combined with Baker Donelson’s legal expertise in small business startups creates the perfect recipe for success. We look forward to future opportunities to connect with clients using Neota Logic.”
Andrew Shimek, President of Neota Logic added, “We are thrilled to be working with Baker Donelson on this endeavor. This is a great example of leveraging our unique technology to effectively fulfill an unmet market need. Our expert systems are ideal for creating precise actionable outcomes for our global client base.”