Blockchain for Business People

An opportunity to spend a day with one of the UKs leading Blockchain influencers:

Blockchain is a new disruptive technology that is going to change our lives, the way we work, our political system and social fabric. It is a structural change to Commerce and redefines how business is done, removing the need for a third party validators such as banks, lawyers or central authorities.

The attributes of the Blockchain technology delivers enormous benefits over the way things are done today, simplifying business processes, speeding up transaction times and reducing cost of doing business by as much as 60%.

In Blockchain, transactions are predictable, guaranteed and secure, delivering certainty and trust. Blockchain ensures information and transactions cannot be tampered or changed, cannot be hacked and all transactions are stored on multiple copies of the distributed Blockchain Ledger that is 100% available.

Blockchain is both an Opportunity and Threat…

Blockchain is New Commerce where markets, industries and government will look entirely different in the years to come; where the brakes come off and with the Internet of Things will enable commerce to scale like never before.

Blockchain is the biggest advance in Computer Science ever.

Come join in and find out why?

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About Nick Ayton:

Nick is number 21 on the Rise Top100 Blockchain people and Global Fintech 100 influencers of 2017. He is an author, speaker and educator and well known Blockchain evangelist. Nick has a background in computer science, has had 8 tech start ups and held a range of corporate roles in the technology services sector including running a €6.6billion P&L with 66,000 staff working for Siemens, CapGemini, CSC amongst others.

Nick has designed Blockchain Operating Models for Insurance, Asset Management, Capital Markets, Trading and Lectures at a number of International business schools. In 2012 he created the first Fintech Self Service Pension Platform growing at 131% per quarter.

Nick is currently advising several Blockchain entrepreneurs supporting a number of Initial Coin Offerings (Crypto-crowdfunding) and is London Correspondent for CoinTelegraph.

He has published several White Papers discussing how Blockchain will disrupt Global Custody, Asset Management, Legal Services, Accounting & Audit, Banking and several other sectors. His book – how to design and implement Blockchain Operating Models will be available in the second half of 2017.