Latest Newswire Story: Paper Software Adds Support for Multiple Documents to Contract Tools

Paper Software, developers of powerful applications for creating and analyzing contracts on Mac and PC, today announces updates to Contract Tools that make working with related documents easier than ever before.
The latest version of Contract Tools allows you to include words and phrases that you define in one document in another document with just a few clicks. This new feature integrates seamlessly with Contract Tools’ existing features, like autocompletion and automatic linking – both exclusive to Contract Tools since its release last February.
“The latest version of Contract Tools makes it easier than ever to deal with complex relationships among related contracts,” says Benjamin Whetsell, co-founder of Paper Software. “This latest feature is something our clients have asked for specifically, and we’re excited to release it. With the ability to work with related documents as a set, our clients are able to save significant time and money, and also reduce errors.”
Contract Tools offers a streamlined way to bring automatic proofreading, AI-powered document analysis, simple navigation tools, powerful search features, intuitive editing tools, and much more to contract creation and analysis.
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