@SyseroLtd streamlines digital contract management with E-Sign digital signature facility for MS Office

Sysero, a leading provider of knowledge automation solutions for law firms, today announced the launch of Sysero E-Sign, a solution that delivers streamlined, end-to-end digital signature and contract management from within Microsoft Office.
Sysero E-Sign enables lawyers to create and edit re-usable contract templates directly from within Microsoft Word and route documents digitally for approval and electronic signature via Microsoft Outlook. Lawyers can easily create templates using the full formatting power of Microsoft Word by adding fields, choices, optional clauses, repeating lists and signatures. Multiple variations of a single template then can be created using auto-generated e-forms.
Once a document is ready for signing, lawyers can download a PDF and route to clients for electronic signature using any email application. To sign, recipients simply click on colour-coded links within the document, and type and sign their name. There’s no need for them to download software or create an account. Recipients also can opt to sign via mobile device for greater ease of use.
“Digital contract and signature management is a huge opportunity for law firms to streamline processes and deliver better client service,” said Phil Ayton, Director at Sysero. “Yet, the tools available today are overly complex and time-consuming and require lawyers to work outside of their daily technology environments. Our goal with Sysero E-Sign is to embed efficiency into lawyers’ daily workflows and help them deliver improved client service through speed and quality.”
Sysero E-Sign leverages a time-sensitive two-factor authentication to verify the recipient using their email address. With E-Sign’s signature certification, firms can track the complete history of each document from creation to execution, which offers a high level of provenance without requiring additional software or hardware.
Sysero will be demonstrating E-Sign at the LegalEx 2017 Conference in London on March 28-29. Come and visit booth L630 for a demonstration and conversation.
For more information, please visit http://www.sysero.com.