Quality Solicitors Lawson & Thompson realise benefits of moving from analogue tapes to BigHand

Quality Solicitors Lawson & Thompson realise measurable cost-saving benefits on moving from analogue tapes to BigHand Professional

The ability to prioritise dictations, the efficiency of mobility and the facility to send work to a central resource – just some of the
reasons why Quality Solicitors Lawson & Thompson chose to switch from tapes to BigHand Professional, a cloud-based Digital
Dictation and Speech Recognition solution.

Based in Northumberland, Quality Solicitors Lawson & Thompson is part of a national network of law firms dedicated to providing
the very best in customer service excellence. When the need arose to recruit an extra two secretaries, Lawson & Thompson
decided to look into whether Digital Dictation could help to manage the additional workload instead.

Sean Hudson, Partner at Lawson & Thompson explains: “Due to the location of our offices, it can sometimes be difficult to recruit.
Digital Dictation was recommended to us as a way to reduce time spent on transcribing. After researching various suppliers, we
decided BigHand Professional was the one best suited to our requirements”.

BigHand Professional allows organisations to access enterprise-level voice technology without any infrastructure or support
requirements, and without the need for a large upfront investment. Depending on the needs of the organisation, additional
dictation workflows, smartphone apps and hosted Speech Recognition options can be added to the subscription.

Sean continues: “Once we were set up and using the BigHand technology, it really didn’t take long for us to realise the benefits and cost efficiencies. We no longer needed to recruit two extra support staff. We became more efficient in terms of forward planning, and the technology is really helping us to review resource and plan accordingly. One feature that will be incredibly helpful when the summer holiday season comes along, is to be able to create a central secretarial pool whereby all dictations are sent to a central location and can be actioned, according to priority, by secretaries regardless of which office they are in.”

BigHand Professional also comes with the ability to dictate from an iPhone, iPad, Windows phones and tablets allowing lawyers to
be as effective outside of the office as they can be in the office.

Sean explains how BigHand mobility is already having a positive impact on client turnaround times: “It’s great to be able to complete
a home visit to a client, dictate straight through to your secretary and within 10-minutes that letter can be typed up and sent back
to the client. It’s very efficient, and equally helpful to my colleagues who are regularly out at court”.

BigHand Professional is proving to be the ideal solution for small and medium organisations due to the combination of the
subscription pricing, minimal IT requirements and smart workflow options. It is being used by over 1,000 firms globally.