Brexit: Lords takes evidence on protecting UK and EU data flow

On 1 March the House of Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee will take evidence from lawyers from PwC and Hunton & Williams and a respected law professor from Queen Mary University of London on how to protect the flow of data between the UK and EU after Brexit.
 The session, which is open to the public, provides an opportunity for the Committee to explore how the UK can best protect its ability to influence EU and international data protection standards from outside the European Union; and how the UK can continue to share data with the US outside of the EU-US Privacy Shield. The Committee will hear from Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas head of the law department at Queen Mary; Rosemary Jay, senior consultant attorney, Hunton & Williams; and Stewart Room, head of legal data protection and cyber-Security, PwC on and around these topics.
After leaving the EU, the UK will be treated as a third country on data protection issues and would have to prove its data protection laws are equivalent to those of the EU in order to share information. However, even if the UK’s data protection regime is aligned with the EU’s on departure, these rules could be amended or updated and the UK will have to choose whether to follow them.
The evidence sessions start at 10.30am. If you wish to attend, you’ll need to go to Parliament’s Cromwell Green Entrance and allow time for security screening. Alternatively, (this is 2017 darling), you can watch the session live on the internet at