@Workshare delivers User Activity reporting – Now clients can track who is doing what with their files

Today, Workshare announces the release of its User Activity reporting feature. The solution gives compliance administrators the ability to track every action of users and guests on the organization’s account.
“With the rise of compliance, security requirements and GDPR, it is no longer enough to be secure, you also have to prove you’re secure.” says Anthony Foy, Workshare CEO. “Part of this is being able to prove who is doing what with data in your organization.”
What does it do?
The Workshare User Activity reports allow compliance administrators to get information on all the actions that occur on the sharing platform – both a full view of the data and the ability to zoom into it to understand every detail. The feature logs actions, such as uploading and downloading files, creating folders, deleting or renaming files, changing permissions and more.
The design of the feature ensures that once an action is logged it can’t be modified and guarantees that queries covering the same period can be reproduced, as required by existing regulations and industry standards, including ISO27001.
“The User Activity feature was delivered in conjunction with three of our multinational customers, including one of the top three global law firms. As our customers’ clients increasingly demand compliance and reporting, we are helping deliver this competitive advantage and key point of differentiation.” concludes Anthony.
For more information visit http://www.workshare.com