FRONTEO Announces Enhancements to Lit i View eDiscovery Document Review Platform

FRONTEO USA, a leading provider of global eDiscovery, managed review solutions and big data analysis services utilizing artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology, today announced important enhancements to Lit i View, the company’s eDiscovery processing and review platform.
The enhancements use the FRONTEO AI “KIBIT” to advance the visual display of document review quality and accuracy. The “heat map,” unique to Lit i View, now offers the ability to select and view multiple documents from the heat map view.
The enhanced heat map view can be utilized to visually check the accuracy of tags that each reviewer has coded as part of a quality control effort. The KIBIT technology is used to identify and display responsive or privileged documents. The system then compares reviewers’ coding decisions to the AI information, and the heat map reflects the accuracy of each reviewer, allowing review managers to quickly assess reviewer accuracy, identify training issues, and to find and resolve coding errors.
Quality control (“QC”) status can also be easily monitored with the click of a “QC Status Check-Box” that indicates whether the QC process is in progress or has been completed.
As a reliable, proven eDiscovery solution, Lit i View has a strong following among global organizations that require precise handling of English language review as well as effective management of complexities in multi-language data sets, particularly with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. With Lit i View, these organizations are able to effectively handle all phases of the eDiscovery life cycle from collection through production in a single environment.
“The strengths of Lit i View multi-language processing also benefits users of Relativity and other eDiscovery platforms,” said Yoshikatsu Shirai, Chief Client Technology Officer at FRONTEO. “FRONTEO has a unique ability to process using Lit i View, then move documents to Relativity. This is frequently done when a case requires highly accurate Asian language handling, yet the client may have standardized on the Relativity platform for review. Our focus is on providing the optimal mix of technologies, products and services for every client, on every case.”
FRONTEO eDiscovery experts have collected, processed, and managed review of millions of foreign language documents. With offices in major North American cities and throughout Asia, FRONTEO is uniquely positioned to provide litigation consulting, project management, application hosting, and managed review services for any multi-language project. The recent enhancements to Lit i View allow FRONTEO to offer an even higher caliber of service and support for clients.
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