Salladore Adds New Timeline Feature to Software’s Pilot Program

Salladore, the attorney allocation solution for larger law firms and corporate legal departments, announces the addition of a new feature that automatically builds a timeline for each case. The new feature is available in the software’s pilot program, which is available today to law firms and legal departments.
The dynamic timeline feature is tailored to the way each Salladore client handles cases. The timeline keeps everyone working on a matter apprised of the major events in a litigation, transactional negotiation, or regulatory process. The new timeline feature includes:
• Automatic population of the major events in a litigation, transactional negotiation, or regulatory process to minimize manual entry of calendar dates
• Automatic adjustment of deadlines when changes are made in the calendar
• One-click assignment of deadlines to associates
• Integration with matter management and billing software
“We designed the new timeline to help partners keep track of deadlines, manage changes to deadlines and plan how to staff their matters,” says Adam McDonell, founder and president of Salladore and a former practicing attorney. “It also will help junior associates understand how matters flow over the course of weeks and months.”
Salladore helps partners find associates from within their own firm or legal department with specific skills and availability to work on a case. Using Salladore, attorneys can search for specific skills among associates who have available time to work on a project and assign the project instantly. It also allows them to track and manage the project through completion.
In December of 2016 the company announced the availability of two-tier advanced analytics in its workflow technology to give law firms and legal departments access to actionable, real-time business intelligence at the individual attorney level for partners and senior attorneys and at the practice group, department and office level for management and general counsel. In January, Salladore launched its Action Center, a unique tool that draws data from across a firm’s entire IT ecosystem and organizes it for a partner’s day-to-day assignment and follow-up workflow.
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