Startup Corner: Appdopt in Focus

Appdopt, an SaaS platform that trains end users on workplace software such as Office 365, is bringing legal training into the digital age. In this dedicated profile they tell us how.

How would you describe your company to a friend?

Appdopt is a London based start-up which is going through a very exciting phase, we have gone to market and the response has been great we have some dynamic clients and partners engaged from all industries. Appdopt is a fun platform, it allows employees across a company to be trained on all software which is used in their business through short and highly engaging videos which are all produced by the Appdopt team.

It also allows a legal team (head of legal, legal execs, lawyers, etc.) for example to tap into learning data and measure the progress of an their teams learning, so they see a marked improvement in their teams productivity.

And if you had to describe it to a techy?

Appdopt is a dynamic SaaS online platform that allows end users to be trained on Office 365, Microsoft, Google, CRM’s, Sharepoint and other common workplace software. It is a communication & tracking tool which allows the trainer to track employees progress, measure success and finally move away from dated classroom training and enter the digital age with short and highly engaging video learning, all geared towards driving technology adoption.

When were you founded?

We were founded in 2015, we have been developing the platform from scratch since then and we went to market officially in April 2016.

By who?

Billy Johal, director.

Who are your key managers/senior execs?

We have a small team from the development team to sales and marketing and they are spread across the world. Two other key figures in Appdopt are Mohammed Abbas who is head of development & Polly Dhaliwal, head of engagement.

What is your growth strategy?

We are currently focusing on the partner channel and working with those organisations that have access to large volumes of end users. The partners are able to use Appdopt as a tool that they can brand and deliver as part of a wider engagement, so the Appdopt platform supports their current portfolio of services. We feel this will be an ideal way of Appdopt to reach a critical mass and allow us to foster some great partner relationships. From a marketing point of view, we promote ourselves heavily with digital content marketing and we will be looking to create some very cool video content that helps explain our software the scenarios in which it can be used.

Finally we also have a lot of downloadable content on our website that our target end users can use for information immediately.

Have you received investment?


Who are your target clients?

Appdopt can be used by a SME (250+ employees) through to enterprise organisations (1000+ employees) and  we have end users who fit both client types.

Have there been any key changes in direction since you were founded?

We are a start-up, so of course, so there are always pivots! We feel that taking the decision to open the partner channel as a way of creating opportunities rather than direct sales in a B2B capacity has had the biggest impact. The partners are in a position to be able to clearly identify the ‘need; for end user training and often they are unable to meet this demand, so we hope that Appdopt can continue to help them.

What are the key challenges you face in your market?

The speed of new technology that comes out can be seen as a blessing to Appdopt because we get to create all these super cool videos, but it’s very hard for our end users to keep up with new technology and the various features. This rapid release cadence means organisations are struggling to keep up with what they, let alone what is coming next. It will be up to organisations like Appdopt to ensure that they can analyse new technology and quickly rationalise which features and technology will be best for organisation so they can get on with their day job.

What are the most exciting developments you’ve seen in your market in the past year to 18 months?

Given that we are technology company we are often looking at the latest technologies that are being released and we feel that the shift in video based learning is a huge development that’s increasing day by day. With platforms like YouTube and Vimeo users are increasing their consumption of video content and they expect many things to be delivered quickly and effectively. This consumption and decrease in cost of hardware means that users are purchasing more mobiles, tablets and laptops that are able to display content at high resolution and with excellent sound quality. You only have to look at the train or tube in the morning, to see how many people are attached to a device. Our feeling is that they could be learning and how convenient it would be, if they can learn anywhere and on any device!

Tell us something that people don’t already know about the company?

Our entire business is a remote team of workers, who get together once a month in our London office. We wanted to provide flexible working and ensure that we utilise all the cloud based file sharing, communication and technology apps to help us throughout our working day.