FRONTEO Announces Changes to Leadership – Craig Carpenter to succeed as CEO

FRONTEO USA, Inc., a leading provider of global eDiscovery, managed review solutions and big data analysis services utilizing artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology, today announced changes to the U.S. leadership.
After successfully leading Evolve Discovery until its acquisition in July 2015 and through the integration of our US entities, forming FRONTEO USA, Andy Jimenez will be stepping down from his position as CEO of FRONTEO USA.
During his 20 years as CEO of Evolve and since 2015 of FRONTEO USA, Mr. Jimenez oversaw an exciting period of growth and development of FRONTEO. Under his leadership, FRONTEO increased revenue, expanded our legal business footprint and successfully established the FRONTEO brand in the US. Mr. Jimenez fostered a deeply dedicated culture and built a talented team to provide the highest level of service we can give our clients.
FRONTEO has identified Craig Carpenter to succeed Mr. Jimenez as CEO of FRONTEO USA after a transition period. Mr. Carpenter is an industry veteran with strong executive leadership experience. Throughout his distinguished career, Mr. Carpenter has assisted global clients in managing data intelligently while enabling the efficient resolution of complex legal, compliance and governance matters. Mr. Carpenter joins FRONTEO having held top senior executive level positions at Kroll Ontrack, AccessData and Recommind in the areas of sales, operations, business development and marketing.
Mr. Jimenez said, “It has been a privilege to lead this group. Often, it didn’t feel like leadership at all, but rather an amazing group of people with a common purpose and a common vision. I am so excited that Craig has joined the team. Craig is both humble and confident, visionary and grounded. I believe he exemplifies all that is good in FRONTEO, and I know that he and Morimoto-san will continue to make positive change in the lives of our customers and our employees. I am so proud of what we have done, but more proud of what FRONTEO will do in the future. I will continue to be FRONTEO’s biggest cheerleader! There is truly a bright future ahead.”
“I am humbled and honored to join the FRONTEO team, and thank Andy and Morimoto-san for the tremendous opportunity they are giving me to lead such a stellar group of professionals who have built a global powerhouse,” said Craig Carpenter, CEO of FRONTEO USA. “Much as predictive coding was once the future of eDiscovery, I firmly believe artificial intelligence (AI) and global expertise and capabilities are about to revolutionize legal technology. As FRONTEO is the only company in the world with strong AI technology and a global footprint, I am ecstatic to be joining the company and look forward to helping FRONTEO realize its extremely bright future.”
The company has established an Office of the CEO to facilitate the period throughout the CEO transition. The Office of the CEO will be comprised of Masahiro Morimoto, CEO of FRONTEO, Inc. and Andy Jimenez and Craig Carpenter in the interim-co-CEO position. The Office of the CEO will focus on the transition plan and strategic priorities relative to FRONTEO’s market position, operations and financial plan. After the transition, Mr. Jimenez will continue to be involved with FRONTEO as a strategic advisor to the Office of the CEO.
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