Stibbe Replaces Workshare and Adobe with DocsCorp

Leading Benelux law firm Stibbe has replaced Workshare’s metadata cleaning and document comparison software with DocsCorp cleanDocs and compareDocs citing improved performance and ease of use. Stibbe also replaced Adobe Acrobat with DocsCorp pdfDocs for its PDF creation and editing as part of the same software review.
In its software review findings, Stibbe found that cleanDocs, which automatically removes metadata as part of the uploading process, provides Stibbe with an “extra layer of security” when uploading sensitive documents to the HighQ cloud. The Amsterdam and Brussels headquartered firm liked the fact that compareDocs enables Stibbe’s staff to compare two documents instantly, outputting the changes to a comparison report as a traditional redline or as a track changes document for review.
pdfDocs, a PDF creation and editing application, takes the work out of creating electronic binders by automating the process. Stibbe staff now create PDF binders with an interactive Table of Contents, Cover Page, Bookmarks and Links with drag and drop functionality.
Commenting on the review, Stibbe’s Brussels head of ICT, Olivier Van Eesbeecq, said: “We were impressed with the DocsCorp products and personnel throughout the entire review process. The products were easier to use than our legacy Adobe and Workshare products, out-performed them in terms of accuracy and speed, and integrated with our core business applications and systems.”