DocsCorp white paper: Invisible documents a serious risk to enterprise content management

DocsCorp has published a white paper called “Invisible Documents: A Serious Risk to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Compliance and Productivity.” It presents an up-to-date analysis of how hidden files, which do not show up in searches, undermine investment in an ECM while also posing a serious threat to a company’s professional reputation.
DocsCorp president and co-founder, Dean Sappey, says that all businesses that use an ECM – particularly in legal, financial, and government organisations – need to be aware of the potential threats posed by invisible documents. “Businesses have made considerable investments in document management and search technologies, but our experience with thousands of organisations globally has shown that at least 20-30% of documents in a DMS are non-searchable. This lack of transparency represents a significant risk to any business since its reputation and financial well-being could be impacted simply by failing to produce a specific document on demand,” said Sappey.
The white paper is available for download from the DocsCorp website. It is also being promoted by Microsoft Azure as part of a North American partnership with DocsCorp.