Batchelors and Grant Saw Solicitors invest in Tikit P4W

Batchelors Solicitors and Grant Saw Solicitors have each invested in Tikit P4W and TikitConnect for practice, case management, and CRM.
Bernard Stotesbury, practice director at Kent and London firm Batchelors Solicitors, which has invested in P4W Case Manager, Tikit Connect for CRM and Tikit’s client collaboration portal, Webshare, in a deal worth six-figures, said: “We considered P4W was the best available all round solution for the type and size of firm Batchelors is and that the product had the functionality that we require.” He added: “In addition, the costing was competitive and Tikit certainly have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the development of the product range.”
To enhance their business development, Grant Saw Solicitors, an ambitious firm based in London, have invested in Tikit Connect alongside P4W. They will benefit from an integrated PMS and CRM, with seamless and automatic data transfer between the two systems. Ray Crudgington, managing partner at the firm said: “We were really impressed with the P4W accounts, case and Tikit Connect packages. This is probably a decision we won’t revisit for more than a decade and we had confidence that Tikit would invest in these products over that period to keep them innovative and help us to drive growth in our business across our different offices. We look forward to working with the Tikit team during the implementation.”