BigHand Create survey shows 69% efficiency gain

A BigHand survey conducted in March among 80 clients has found that its document template management tool BigHand Create saves users an average of 2.5 hours of document production time per day, equating to an efficiency gain of 69%.
BigHand Create enables firms to create, distribute and manage standardised Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email templates. The survey found that when not using BigHand Create, users created 10 new documents per day, each taking 22 minutes. When using the template management tool each document took seven minutes, which BigHand has estimated as an annual cost saving of £8,450 based on an average secretarial hourly rate of £13.
Clients of BigHand Create include Brown Rudnick, which signed up in the first half of 2016 to use the tool across its global offices, as part of a wider technology upgrade.
Ben Mills, managing director at BigHand said: “BigHand Create lets people generate high-quality documents more quickly and easily than ever before. It increases efficiency and reduces the need for specialist training, which ultimately saves firms money. The results of the latest survey help us to associate real cost savings with the tool and calculate the impact it can have on a firm.”