Thomson Reuters Elite Launches Innovative Workspace Assistant Product

Thomson Reuters Elite, part of Thomson Reuters Legal, today announced the launch of Workspace Assistant, a new way for lawyers to access and perform time management functions via Workspace using the Amazon® Echo® or other Alexa® enabled device. Workspace, an integral component of the Elite Enterprise Business Management Solution, is an innovative integration platform that provides its users with access to a wide range of Elite solutions and third party products from both desktop browsers and mobile devices to improve workplace efficiency.
Launching after a rigorous Amazon and product testing process, Workspace Assistant is easy to download from the Amazon Alexa Store. Offering highly interactive and seamless time management functions, Workspace Assistant integrates with the existing Elite Workspace platform, allowing lawyers to track their billable hours and control time entry on all matters via voice-only inputs. For example, users can start and stop a timer with a simple voice command and question Alexa on how much time has been entered over a week.
Workspace and Workspace Assistant are part of the Elite Lawyer Experience, a unified, lawyer-focused set of tools and solutions to help lawyers do their jobs wherever and whenever needed. Developed to help lawyers be more responsive to client requests and to deliver the best legal services more cost-effectively, the Lawyer Experience underscores the Elite philosophy that lawyers succeed when they have solutions at their fingertips that will help them provide exemplary customer service. For more information, visit the Elite Workspace page.
Elite is the leading global provider of an end-to-end enterprise business management solution, which allows law firms and professional services organizations to run all operational aspects of their firms, including business development, risk management, client and matter management, and financial management. For more information, visit Elite.