Legal IT Newswire: Dutch Law Firm Lexence Swaps Out Incumbent Document Productivity Tools for DocsCorp

Lexence joins a growing list of Dutch law firms that have recently made the switch to DocsCorp for document productivity tools.

LONDON May 08, 2017 DocsCorp (, a leading provider of document productivity tools, today announced that prestigious Dutch law firm, Lexence, has swapped out applications from WorkShare and Nuance and replaced them with DocsCorp solutions. Their purchase includes all desktop applications: pdfDocs, compareDocs, and cleanDocs.

Lexence provides legal services on real estate and corporate law issues to organizations and businesses that operate in the Dutch market. The 125-person firm is a member of the Meritas worldwide network, a high-quality legal network of independent offices.

When it came time to replace their existing software applications, Lexence tested DocsCorp products within the IT department before trialing them with a larger group of users. Their number one priority was to keep training time to a minimum so that their users could be quickly brought up to speed with the new software. Matthijs Zegwaard, Manager ICT at Lexence, said the decision came down to how quickly they could integrate the products within the firm.

“Adoption during live trials by legal staff for both compareDocs and cleanDocs was instant and seamless, which made the decision easy.  We look forward to working with DocsCorp by integrating the desktop applications in our document driven processes to the fullest.”

Lexence joins a growing list of Dutch law firms who are using DocsCorp products to ensure compliance with new PDF/A requirements in the Dutch courts and to improve workflows around document comparison, metadata cleaning, and OCR. pdfDocs enables them to submit documents as valid PDF/A files, cleanDocs prevents accidental metadata leaks, and compareDocs lets users see even the smallest change between documents. Other firms in the region using DocsCorp applications include Loyens & Loeff, AKD Lawyers, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, and Stibbe.

Vice President of DocsCorp Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Ben Mitchell, said that DocsCorp’s success in the Netherlands comes down to collaboration.

“We work in close partnership with these firms to ensure our software meets their specific needs. People from all areas of the business – including Sales, Support, and Product Development – are involved in the process of developing and tailoring our applications so they work with our users. DocsCorp is proud to provide so many prestigious Dutch firms with the tools they need to ensure compliance and to streamline workflows.”

Lexpo 2017

DocsCorp will be exhibiting at Lexpo 2017 in Amsterdam from Monday 8th May to Tuesday 9th May. Meet our team of experts to discuss some of the challenges facing the legal industry today, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and PDF/A compliance. Contact Dobriyana Tropankeva to arrange an interview or product demo.