“Live in 90 days”: Baker Botts goes live on iManage Cloud

Having at the start of 2017 announced its decision to move its circa 1,500 users to the iManage Cloud, Am Law top 50 firm Baker Botts has now gone live.
“Taking advantage of the cloud is key to increasing our agility as an organisation and rapidly delivering the latest innovations to our stakeholders,” said Rick Boulin (pictured), chief information officer at Baker Botts. “Our implementation of iManage Cloud, managed by iManage professional services, was quick and straightforward. We went from implementation to going live in exactly 90 days.”
Baker Botts deployed iManage Cloud to all 15 of its worldwide offices and the IT department has removed over 20 servers from their server bank, reducing the amount of time and effort that needs to be dedicated towards routine tasks like datacenter maintenance.
“Today’s firms recognise that modern cloud delivery of key applications can create new business advantages while reducing cost of operations,” said Dan Carmel, chief marketing officer, iManage. “Through its move to iManage Cloud, Baker Botts has given its professionals powerful functionality, delivered with unmatched agility, reliability, performance and scale — and they are already realising the benefits, strengthening the firm’s competitive position in the marketplace.”