“Up and coming”: Tikit partners with Introhive

Tikit has entered a strategic partnership with Introhive, a supplier of relationship intelligence software that helps law firms to automatically populate their client relationship management (CRM) system, which we revealed in April has been involved in final stage discussions with Howard Kennedy.
While law firms have traditionally struggled to engage fee-earners in entering the data needed to make a CRM system of sufficient value, Introhive is gaining popularity in the sector thanks to its ability to automate the process, including leveraging and extracting contacts from Outlook and LinkedIn, as well as mapping and analysing them.
As revealed by Legal IT Insider, Introhive is being looked at in conjunction with OnePlace by Howard Kennedy, following a full CRM review by the top 65 law firm.
At Tikit, part of the BT Group, which has over 120 firms using its eMarketing solution (integrated with LexisNexis’ CRM system InterAction), commercial and marketing director Simon Elven said: “Introhive is an up and coming enterprise software company that addresses a critical law firm business development and CRM adoption problem. We are thrilled to partner with Introhive to offer law firms new value-based ways of getting the most out of their CRM investment.”
Introhive, which was founded in 2012, is a venture-funded company with investors that include Build Ventures, GAP CIT, Fortify, Growthworks, NBIF and Salesforce.com.
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