In brief: CrowdJustice raises $2m in seed funding

Crowdfunding platform CrowdJustice has raised a $2m in a seed investment round involving four venture capital firms.
The London startup, which was founded by ex-Linklaters and ex-UN lawyer Julia Salasky in 2015 and this year launched in the US, secured the funding from Venrock, First Round Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners and Kindred Capital.
CrowdJustice expands access to legal resources, raises awareness of cases, and empowers communities to engage with specific legal action that matters to them.  In an interview with Legal IT Insider Salasky said: “It’s a powerful way to democratise access to the law, help lawyers get paid for taking cases they otherwise might not be able to take, and create new pathways to the justice system for individuals and organisations seeking to create change through the courts.”
You can read the rest of that interview here: