AdvoLogix Announces New and Updated Features to Improve Legal Matter Management Processes

AdvoLogix, a leading provider of cloud-based law practice and legal matter management solutions, today announced the latest upgrade to the platform with new and/or improved features for matter management, document assembly, document management, billing and timekeeping, and calendars and scheduling.
“At AdvoLogix, we listen to every user request for improvements and take them seriously when we prioritize our new releases,” said Steve Stockstill, AdvoLogix’s Vice President of Product Development. “The new features and improvements that are available in today’s release are a direct result of feedback from our clients and are designed to improve usability and promote increased productivity.”
Details of the improvements and new features include:
• Matter Management:
o A new matter intake form that accepts diverse matter information in one step. The form can be customized and extended to accommodate a law firm or legal department’s unique business requirements.
o Auto-population of participants in the matter. This feature automates the process of providing law firms and legal departments with a concise list of searchable participants for conflict checking and relationship analysis.
o Improved interface and features within the matter participation map and matter hierarchy.
• Document Assembly: Updates include a new preview feature that allows users the ability to preview a document with live data without leaving the template designer, new system templates add support for global clauses and signature blocks, and a new download feature that allows users to immediately download and open a new document upon creation.
• Billing and Timekeeping: Improvements include a new multi-timer feature that allows users to track multiple timekeeping sessions and updates to the weekly timesheet feature.
• Calendars and scheduling: Changes improve the user experience with an updated Kanban interface and new views for action plan templates.
The new features and improvements are available today to new users of the AdvoLogix matter management platform.
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