Clifford Chance leverages AI through Microsystems Contract Companion

In a major extension of its relationship with Microsystems, Clifford Chance has signed up to provide all of its staff with next generation drafting and proof reading tool Contract Companion, we can reveal.
The Magic Circle giant was one of the first clients of Contract Companion but until recently has used the tool only within small teams.
Contract Companion incorporates Microsystems’ Artificial Document Intelligence software, which analyses and corrects language and formatting errors, reducing the time that legal professionals have to spend checking their work.
The tool, which was released in 2016 and evolved from EagleEye, provides a dashboard view of the most critical issues in the document; uncovers client-specific inconsistencies; and allows users to review cross-references with split-screen navigation and single-click fixes.
“We have worked with Microsystems for 14 years and value the impact their technologies have on the quality and reliability of our work and the improved productivity of our lawyers so we create more value to our clients,” said Clifford Chance CIO Paul Greenwood. “This expanded relationship is a natural evolution of our partnership.  As a firm looking to deliver the highest level of service to our clients we are excited to be leveraging artificial intelligence, through Contract Companion, to help deliver on their expectations,” he added.
“One of the most distinguished and well-respected global firms, it comes as no surprise that Clifford Chance is taking a proactive approach to their use of technology and in particular ADI,” said Avaneesh Marwaha, president at Microsystems. “We are very pleased by their selection of Contract Companion.  As the only firm providing these advanced document technologies, Microsystems sees how the industry’s growing recognition of ADI as a quality controller and force multiplier, is driving interest in many of our products.  Clifford Chance’s selection of Contract Companion further underscores this on a large scale,” Marwaha said.
In the UK, Contract Companion is marketed as and underpins LexisNexis’ proofreading tool LexisDraft but Clifford Chance, which started using Contract Companion before that arrangement, uses it in its native form.
In September 2016, Micosystems merged with arch UK competitor XRef Software Solutions, with the partial aim of combining the best of the two technologies.