Castrén & Snellman Take Services to New Heights with Sysero Document Automation

Castrén & Snellman, Finland’s oldest law firm, recently partnered with Sysero, provider of knowledge automation for legal, to develop and launch an advanced automation tool that has completely transformed the way the firm works.
The tool, aptly named Transformer, leverages a customised document automation process to help ease the workload of the firm’s lawyers and provide them with more opportunity to collaborate with clients. Castrén & Snellman developed the tool in response to increasing requests from clients for high-quality, added-value legal services.
“Our field of business has not changed much in the past decades, but now there is pressure from the clients’ side to enhance our working methods even further,” says Carola Lindholm, Partner at Castrén & Snellman. “Automation is one important step in that direction.”
The new tool streamlines the firm’s document drafting stage by automating routine work. To draft a new document or agreement, lawyers fill out a short questionnaire, which is then used to produce a template that is nearly complete. The automation works not only for simple documents, but also for complex agreements with as many as 30-40 variants. By minimising manual work, automation has helped Castrén & Snellman save time while also reducing the risk of human error.
“By automating some of the most-used documents within the firm, we’ll be able to shift lawyers’ focus from drafting to clients’ special needs and concentrate on producing added value to clients from the start,” Lindholm says.
To date, the firm has automated numerous high-profile documents, including its Share Purchase Agreement, Legal Due Diligence Report template, and Corporate Meeting Minutes to name a few. New documents continue to be automated, and the pipeline for automation continues to grow by request from the lawyers.
“Since partnering with Sysero, I can see the enthusiasm growing amongst our lawyers,” explains Paula Aura, Knowledge Manager at Castrén & Snellman. “This is a much more fun way of working. When the first documents were published and presented in our office meeting, we received automation requests from across the firm.”
Based on its impressive results and experience with automation, Castrén & Snellman is now exploring how to bring similar systems to its clients.
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