Startup corner: Timeular raises €1m

Austrian startup Timeular, which is behind the Zei time-tracking device showcased at the 2017 Janders Dean London Horizons conference in May, has raised €1m ($1.1m) in funding.
Zei is an eight-sided physical device that connects to time recording software by bluetooth and each side can be programmed with a matter number. The device automatically starts tracking on whichever side is facing upwards, meaning it can be automatically activated when a call comes in or when a fee-earner changes task.
The new funding has come from Austrian VC Speedinvest as well as from an Austrian innovation research grant and from one business angel.
Speaking at Janders Dean, Timeular’s CMO Vanessa Ulrich said: “Time tracking can be cumbersome and people don’t enjoy it, plus ironically it can take time and interrupt your workflow. People either stop to enter their time as they go along or estimate the time they spent at the end of the day. At Timeular, we think there is better way.”
Zei, which was initially funded through a Kickstarter Campaign is time recording software agnostic and can be turned off while in transit. According to Ulrich, Timeular is already in talks with a number of law firms of varying sizes.