Tikit Carpe Diem selected to government G-Cloud framework

Tikit, part of the BT Group, has had the way paved to supply its Carpe Diem cloud-based time recording solution to public sector organisations, having been approved as a vendor under the Government G-Cloud framework.
G-Cloud is a government initiative designed to aggregate cloud-based IT services and put them in one place – the ‘CloudStore’ – giving public sector organisations access to cloud suppliers which are government approved. The online marketplace, which lists approved cloud suppliers, has been designed by the government to drive the wider adoption of cloud computing in the public sector. It delivers a more efficient, competitive and cost-effective way of buying IT services.
At the time of the launch of G-Cloud 3 in 2013, Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office, said: “Many government departments already use G-Cloud, but IT costs are still too high. One way we can reduce them is to accelerate the adoption of Cloud across the public sector to maximise its benefits. The Cloud First policy will embed the skills a modern civil service needs to meet the demands of 21st-century digital government and help us to get ahead in the global race.”
There have been a further six versions of the framework since that time and Tikit has been included in the latest iteration, G-Cloud 9.
As the UK Government aims to drive cost savings and IT efficiencies across public sector organisations there is increased adoption of services delivered from the cloud.
“Everyone in Tikit is looking forward to the opportunity of working across the public sector following this announcement”, said Katherine Ainley, CEO of Tikit. “Being part of the G-Cloud Framework agreement significantly simplifies the procurement process for any government organisation looking for a best of breed time recording solution. Carpe Diem time recording has been a leading solution for law firms for over 20 years and we are keen to bring its benefits into the public sector.”