Eclipse launches new small firm CMS and PMS

Eclipse Legal Systems has announced the launch of Eclipse Compact, a new solution based on the Proclaim case and practice management system that’s designed to cater for the needs of small law firms, we can reveal.
Compact is securely hosted and aimed at law firms of between 1 and 10 users. Featuring no up-front costs, Compact can be rapidly rolled out for a standard ‘per user, per month’ price. To ensure consistency and zero IT disruption as law firms grow, a pre-defined upgrade path to the full Proclaim product is available for firms beyond 10 users or whose requirements dictate enhanced functionality.
Eclipse Compact is available immediately and can be taken as a pure case management solution for specific work areas, or an integrated practice management system with SAR-compliant finance tools.
Eclipse’s marketing director, Darren Gower (pictured), said: “Our Proclaim solution has always been extremely popular with small law firms, new startups, and sole practitioners – and we are proud of our position as the go-to supplier for this market. We are acutely aware though of a number of firms that require a different pricing model and do not yet need a full suite of workflow, administrative, and customer contact tools.
“Rather than those practices adopting technologies which are unproven, contain hidden service costs, and provide no upgrade path, we wanted to open up the Proclaim world. Our new Compact solution allows an even broader range of law firms to experience a selected set of Proclaim’s market-leading functionality.”
What’s not to like, aside from the fact that Eclipse Compact may be mistaken for a hygiene product.