@PaperSoftware Adds Real-Time Updating to Contract Tools

Paper Software, developers of powerful applications for creating and analyzing contracts on Mac and PC, today announces updates to its PC application Contract Tools that enable real-time updating as you edit documents. Real-time updating dramatically enhances all Contract Tools features, for example:
• If you make common contract drafting errors, they are instantly highlighted in your document – and when you fix potential drafting errors, the highlighting instantly disappears.
• As you use defined terms, create cross-references, and refer to other documents, Contract Tools keeps track of these items automatically.
• When you mark a part of your document as unfinished, it is instantly added to the Contract Tools to-do list.
Contract Tools is a Microsoft Word add-in that offers AI-powered document analysis, automatic proofreading, simple navigation tools, powerful search features, intuitive editing tools, and much more to contract creation and analysis.
“Real-time updating is the most important enhancement we’ve added to Contract Tools since release,” says Ben Whetsell, co-founder of Paper Software. “Our goal is always to make our products work as efficiently as possible, and giving our customers the ability to see the effects of their changes instantly and within Word’s familiar interface is cutting-edge.”
For more information about Contract Tools and these latest features, visit papersoftware.com.