Updated: DocAuto selects Tiger Eye as EMEA iManage partner to replace Tikit

Tiger Eye has been selected by DocAuto as its EMEA iManage strategic partner in place of Tikit, which has ended all support, maintenance and sales for the document management system leader. Tikit will continue to honour and service its existing sales contracts but going forward Tiger Eye will take on new DocAuto iManage EMEA business.*
For over 20 years DocAuto has delivered a suite of innovative software solutions for iManage Work, including WorkSpace Manager and ePredict for email management. With this partnership – which is a significant win as iManage resellers compete to take over Tikit contracts and partnerships – Tiger Eye will sell DocAuto’s iManage solutions, as well as provide implementation, integration, and ongoing support, in the European market.
“Tiger Eye has been expanding in the EMEA market and is now recognized as a go-to iManage Partner for technical expertise, innovation, and premium support,” said Dave Wilson, Tiger Eye’s managing director. “We view strategic partnerships as key to our growth and are delighted to partner with DocAuto, one of the pioneers in the iManage market, to help deliver the best iManage software solutions and support to meet our clients’ needs and budgets.”
“While iManage has been the system of choice for the legal and professional services firms, the secret to success is to help make it easier for organizations to manage and secure the mission-critical content and intellectual property in these systems,” said DocAuto CEO David Kiefer. “By partnering with Tiger Eye, our iManage clients will gain the support of an additional senior team with deep domain expertise and a commitment to working smarter and faster to deliver exceptional results.”
Tiger Eye which is based in Norwich, specialises in work product management, and is an EMEA Partner of iManage, DocsCorp, Appurity Connect, Mimecast and Microsoft.
*Updated: For the avoidance of doubt, Tiger Eye can’t just unilaterally step into an ongoing binding contractual arrangement with Tikit – any questions on English law, come and see us after class.