Johnson Winter & Slattery selects iManage Work, Work Mobility & Insight

Johnson Winter & Slattery (JWS)— a leading independent Australian law firm with a reputation for helping clients with their business activities, disputes and most challenging transactions — needed a new document management system as their previous solution no longer met practice requirements and as a result, user adoption was very low.
After a comprehensive RFP process, iManage emerged as the clear winner. Ross Forgione, Chief Information Officer of JWS noted, “iManage met all of our requirements based on the features we identified as most important to our firm. Beyond the functionality of the product, we were impressed by iManage as a company: their position in the market, financial stability, ability to execute and reputation. It became quite an easy choice to make in the end.”
The solutions deployed by JWS include iManage Work for document and email management as well as iManage Work Mobility, which gives employees access to their work product at any time, from any location, and iManage Insight for enterprise-wide search. “The flexibility that we demanded was one of the key factors of our success,” said Forgione.
Working very closely with iManage partner OIA, JWS rolled out iManage Work to nearly 250 users, achieving 100% adoption. Thanks to a firm-wide policy, all documents and emails go into iManage Work rather than being stranded in different hard drives, file shares, and inboxes. The iManage platform has also benefitted the IT department. Help desk calls related to the DMS have been reduced by 70-80% and almost all DMS questions can now be resolved by level 1 staff instead of being escalated to level 2 or level 3 engineers.
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