iManage Welcomes Phillips & Cohen as a New Customer

Phillips & Cohen — a highly acclaimed law firm with offices in Washington, New York, San Francisco, Miami, and London that has received national and international recognition for its unparalleled success representing whistleblowers. The firm has worked with whistleblowers for over three decades holding healthcare providers, defense contractors, Wall Street firms and other entities accountable for fraud and other wrongdoing. In fact, they are the only law firm that has won financial awards for whistleblower clients under three different government reward programs.
The growing roster of modern professionals at Phillips & Cohen needed access to their work product from anywhere, on any device, in a single user experience. They wanted easy-to-use, productivity-enhancing tools that support new ways of working, so after thoughtful consideration, the firm selected work product management solutions from iManage.
iManage Work is the industry’s leading email and document management application, empowering professionals to create, manage and collaborate on all work product, turning lost time into productive time. iManage Work includes “smart” features such as personalized search, document timelines and intelligent worklists that enable professionals to work the way they want to work, based on research with input from hundreds of professionals.