Tech education in law – have your say

In the July Legal IT Insider out on Wednesday (26 July), we have what will be the first in a series of articles looking into the technology training being provided – or not provided – by UK law schools.
Public pressure on UK law schools to incorporate technology into their teaching is growing as leading figures urge law schools to do more and a recent list of English language legal tech courses by Clocktimizer shows the UK in a very poor light. This follows the launch by leading University College London vice dean (Research), professor of law and professional ethics Richard Moorhead of his own legal tech education survey to find out “what is actually happening” in UK schools.
The list by Netherland-headquartered business intelligence and analytics firm Clocktimizer is a good start but not complete when it comes to the UK. In the article out this week, we take a look at a couple of examples not mentioned and speak to Moorhead, who is keen that schools should not be criticised unduly before all the facts are known.
If you feel strongly about this topic let us have your comments today (24 July) either in the comments section or by emailing and we will do our best to reflect those this week. Comments coming in after today will be reflected in our coverage going forward.