FileTrail Introduces New Features to Improve Firm Transitions Away from LegalKEY Records Management Systems

FileTrail, a leader in next-generation records management software, today announced the release of several new features to make it easier for firms to switch from their old system to FileTrail. The latest enhancements demonstrate FileTrail’s commitment to ongoing product development to ensure law firm clients have access to the features they depend on but in a premier, modern records management system.
Many of FileTrail’s newest features are in response to the market need being created by legacy RMS products such as LegalKEY no longer being updated to address current industry standards. The risk to firms in keeping these older systems is significant, but some have been reluctant to replace them because of the useful features they offer.
Of the latest release, Darrell Mervau, president of FileTrail, says: “Working closely with the LegalKEY user community, FileTrail has taken the opportunity to upgrade our system by not only delivering the important features customers are unwilling to give up, but also improving upon them. We vetted our design and approach with these users, who are excited about the improvements and now feel they can replace their legacy systems with our more modern product.”
FileTrail’s best-in-class records management software now includes several new features:
• Workspace: Expandos and Folders are now displayed below the Matter (like the Workspace tree shown in LegalKEY), but enhanced with a user-defined format.
• Reporting: New functions that help provide useful reporting include:
1. A graphing wizard to open the possibility for variations of canned reports to fit specific needs, allowing for management reports to show trends in powerful graphs.
2. An ad hoc report designer that allows users to easily build reports and add them to the menus on Reports, the Workspace and Carts.
3. The ability for custom reports built by an integrator or internal IT to be appended to FileTrail menus, eliminating the need for repetitive requests from IT.
• Item View: Configuration options allow placement of Client-Matter and Matter-related data arranged at the top of the screen.
• Tabbed Views: A new tabbed menu provides one-click access to different views of record data.
• Volume Numbers: Adjustments to Folder numbering now use one part from the Expando and another part to form a unique number for the Folder.
• Contents: Additional functions improve the Box window by:
o Adding more contents to a Box or Expando by scanning bar codes.
o Removing selected Expandos from a Box.
o Moving selected Folders to a new Expando or moving selected Expandos to a new Box.
• Replicate: This function allows one-click duplication of a record and eliminates the dangerous option to replicate hundreds at once.
• Restrict Media to Container: This new configuration option requires that Folders be created within an Expando.
John Churchill, records department manager at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, says this about the firm’s move to FileTrail: “It has been many years since we have had any LegalKEY upgrades or significant product enhancements. Since future development is over, we have turned to FileTrail as a replacement. FileTrail provides the flexibility, continual development, software integrations and advanced reporting features we need to properly manage our records program going forward.”
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