Qualmet Releases New Pricing Options for Cloud-based Platform

Qualmet, developers of a cloud-based platform to quantify the value of external legal service providers, today announced several new product tiers for the company’s flagship platform. These new packages provide corporate legal departments with a range of sophistication for evaluation, reporting and analysis of the value delivered by their outside counsel.
For more information, visit www.qualmetlegal.com.
The new options include:
• Q10 – for corporate legal departments looking to evaluate and analyze value and performance at the law firm and practice level. Q10 is available for free for 30 days.
• Q20 – for corporate legal departments looking to go deeper and evaluate lawyer performance in addition to the value delivered by the law firm.
• QX – enterprise-level solution for organizations with more than 30 users requiring more customized solutions.
“We have put considerable time and thought into these new plans after receiving input from customers,” states James Beckett, CEO of Qualmet. “Our goal is to improve alignment between corporate legal departments and law firms. This platform enables legal departments to make the most of their partnerships with outside counsel by providing them with a simple, powerful framework for measuring and tracking performance. Our new pricing makes it easy for legal departments to assess what is most important to them and have a platform that supports that goal.”
All options are available with no onboarding fees for the remainder of 2017. For those who sign up by the end of 2017, all maintenance will be at no cost for the following 12 months.
More detailed product information, including pricing, is available at www.qualmetlegal.com/products+pricing.
The QX plan is also available for law firms looking to gain a better understanding of client needs and benchmark performance. Law firms also have the option to license the platform and offer it to multiple clients.