Ediscovery News with DTI + EPIQ post-merger rebranding & Complex Discovery “State of the Ediscovery Union” survey results

DTI, a global legal process outsourcing (LPO) company providing ediscovery, management services, litigation support and court reporting, and Epic Systems are pleased to announce that the combined organization will move forward under the brand name of “Epiq.”
On September 30, 2016, DTI and Epiq Systems announced a merger bringing the two organizations together, creating a global leader in legal services and technology. Post-merger, the two organizations have been focused on a carefully orchestrated integration of operations, prioritizing client service and the combination of the two employee bases.
“We came together to offer our clients an unparalleled partner in terms of infrastructure, scale, expertise and geographic reach,” said John Davenport, Jr., chief executive officer. “We have unified our operations and now it’s time to unify our brand.”
DTI and Epiq Systems recently engaged a global marketing communications firm to conduct a brand study. After significant research and consideration, the company will rebrand the combined organization as “Epiq.”
“Clients and prospects who responded to our research indicated our service delivery and client teams are critical pillars to our brand,” said Davenport. “As we move to the Epiq name, the people, service and teams our clients depend on will remain unchanged.”
The rebranding of the company will become effective in the first quarter of 2018.

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