Now Goodman Derrick move iManage Support to Tiger Eye – another Tikit contract bites the dust

Leading City law firm Goodman Derrick have moved their iManage support and maintenance to Tiger Eye following Tikit’s withdrawal from the iManage support ecosystem.
Recognised for providing high quality legal advice across a range of practice areas and for their client-focused service, Goodman Derrick are currently 31 partners leading a team of over 90 staff, and advise FTSE-listed national and international businesses. Goodman Derrick are one of the founder members of Legal Netlink Europe Ltd, a network of independent medium-sized law firms in Europe.
John Raimbach, Finance Director at Goodman Derrick since 2010, is involved in the firm’s strategic planning, including considering IT systems and technology’s future impact on the business. Ensuring the firm has a strong IT platform to be able to adapt to changing times has been one of John’s priorities.
Following Tikit’s announcement they would no longer be supporting iManage, John met with several iManage partners and chose Tiger Eye. ”We felt the team at Tiger Eye were a good fit for us and are clearly very experienced and knowledgeable in the sector. The support transition has been smooth and professional and we are confident the relationship will continue to be positive.”
Dave Wilson, MD at Tiger Eye, said, “We’re delighted to welcome Goodman Derrick to our growing support portfolio. Our Support team are recognised for the quality service they provide to customers and are a key factor in our continued growth as an iManage Partner.”
About Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye is a niche IT consultancy, specialising in Work Product Management, and an EMEA Partner of iManage, DocsCorp, DocAuto, Appurity Connect, Mimecast and Microsoft, implementing IT solutions across Europe and the Middle East. We focus on providing high calibre consultancy from an experienced, senior team, working in close partnership to plan bespoke solutions that meet all our customers’ business needs, and provide expert technical support and customised development solutions to our iManage customers.
For more information please contact:
Cerys Burcher, Strategic Programme Manager, Tiger Eye Consulting Ltd.
01603 293509,,